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What are you listening to this week? (archive - 7/14/19)

The Modern Lovers (on fancy red vinyl!)

Roughly 20 years ago I went into Boston with some friends to see a concert. We just decided to head to the Middle East in Cambridge and see whoever was playing. One of the acts was Jonathon Richman. I'd never heard of him or his band the Modern Lovers. I might have seen him in There's Something About Mary, but I really didn't know anything about him. I was immediately drawn in by his charming awkwardness. I love this record, it's energy, it's directness. I love the organ playing; it sounds like a vox continental to me (the same organ the Animals used on House of the Rising Sun and Ray Manzarek used all the time with the Doors). Of course I also love that Jonathon Richman is kind of this secret, great Boston musician. As a native Bostonian, I'm far more proud that my city produced acts like the Modern Lovers or the Pixies than say Aerosmith or the J. Geils Band. And I cheer inside when Richman sings about Rt. 128, the Government Center and Stop and Shop.

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