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What are you listening to this week? (archive - 8/11/19)

Led Zeppelin - Presence Totally the most underrated Zep album. If course Achillies Last Stand is epic, but there really isn't a bad song on this record (which is more than I can say for In Through the Out Door). For Your Life is one of my favorites, great groove, fun to play. I was so glad they included in the set for Celebration Day, probably the biggest surprise of the show. Tea For One is almost as good as Since I've Been Loving You...I say "almost" only really because SIBLY set the bar so high. Sure, there might be 5 or 6 Zep albums I'd have to rank higher than this one, but then it's hard to imagine any band could have a 7th best album that's this good.

What music is inspiring you this week?

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