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What are you listening to this week? (archive - 8/4/19)

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

This was actually one of the first albums I ever bought. I knew I loved the Beatles but I knew nothing about this album. Easily the best Beatles solo album, partially because George had a lot of material saved up while hiding in the shadows of Lennon and McCartney. Incredible cast of musicians, Clapton, Billy Preston, Badfinger. These recording sessions birthed Derek and the Dominoes. Clapton and the rest of the Dominoes (except for Duane Allman) were the backing band for many of these tracks. Speaking of Allman, George's slide playing is different but no less magnificent. It's not so bluesy most of the time, but has a taste of India and is very George through and through. George is really the reason I got into playing slide. Oh, and let's not forget garden gnomes. Still one of my favorites albums to this day, maybe even top 5. What music is inspiring you this week?

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